Aquarian Bath Microwavable Neck Pillow - Organic Cotton Jaguar Print

Aquarian Bath

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2.25- 2.5 lb
21 x 4.75 inch
GOTS Organic cotton canvas
single layer pillow
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Enjoy Aquarian Bath's Microwavable Neck Pillows hot or cold around the neck and shoulders to soothe or relax tense muscles. Our neck pillows are free-form like bean bags. This makes it easy to shape for use as a heating pad or cold pack anywhere on your body. You can have your pillow made with plain certified Organic flax or scented with the certified Organic herbs.
Most sellers who are offering "Organic Neck Pillows" only use Organic filling. Our pillow fabric is not only Organic cotton but also GOTS Organic cotton. Global Organic Textile Standard fabrics meet the highest standard for Organic textiles. GOTS Organic Cotton is a step above standard Organic cotton, because the dyes are also environmentally friendly. This jaguar print fabric is sturdy Organic cotton canvas.
We pack the pillows in clear biodegradable cellophane bags with a twist tie. Heat in the microwave for sustained moist heat. Store in the freezer for using cold. The pillow comes with directions for Care, Instructions and Precautions for Flaxseed Pillows