Black Licorice tooth powder refill

Aquarian Bath

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Are you looking for an all natural, non abrasive tooth powder? Our Black Licorice tooth powder is made with a food grade Bentonite Clay and Organic Licorice root base, with added Activated Charcoal and Myrhh powder. The Clay and Charcoal help to detoxify mouth. The Licorice root sweetens the formula. Myrrh helps to tone the gums. Because of the charcoal, you do need to take a little extra care to rinse your mouth completely, or there may be a bit of residue. It does rinse very cleanly however and leaves teeth feeling smooth. I love this formula because there is no baking soda. I have used baking soda in the past in other tooth powder formulas, and it started taking enamel off of my teeth. You can pinch a small amount into your palm, and then dab your wet tooth brush onto the powder. This is all natural with no preservatives, so do not add water to the jar of dry powder. This tooth powder is a 2 oz by weight refill for my regular containers, or put it in a jar. It comes in a biodegradable cellophane bag. This is a kid friendly formula.

Feed back from buyers of this product:

super duper fast shipping, wonderful tooth powder, thank you! Thanks for the fast shipping!

This is very different from using the commercial toothpaste but, it leaves my teeth very smooth.

I'm really liking this powder... thinking I'm a converted woman :)

I wish i would have found this tooth powder sooner! its so much better than any toothpaste i have ever tried. my mouth feels clean without the chemical taste. i love it

My teeth feel so clean after brushing with this, I love it. Very fast service! This tooth powder works great for anyone who has gum issue! Thank you so much :)

Works great, feels good to use, no aftertaste. Yay! I love this even more than my own toothpowder! The myhrr extract powder is the way to go, myhrr powder is way too abrasive! You rock! I've tried all sorts of natural tooth products and so far I like this the best. It tastes and feels like a slightly sweet, green tea powder, cleans more thoroughly than commercial pastes with less pressure, and rinses clean with no funny aftertaste. I can't use anything with baking soda also so I will keep using this and see how my teeth like it in the long run! Thank you also for the fast shipping.