Flaxseed Microwavable Neck Pillow - Blue and White GOTS certified canvas

Aquarian Bath

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2-2.5 lb
21 x 4.75 inch
GOTS Organic cotton canvas
single layer pillow
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This flaxseed microwave neck pillow contains 100% Certified Organic Flaxseed and your choice of Organic scented herbs. The pillow fabric is a blue and white GOTS certified Organic cotton canvas made by Cloud 9 Fabrics. The pillow can be used hot or cold on the neck, head or back. Store the pillow in the freezer for using cold, or heat it in the microwave for sustained moist heat and heavenly herbal aroma. This pillow is approximately 21 inches long by 4.75 inches wide and contain certified Organic flax weighing approximately 2.25 pounds for scented or more for unscented. My pillows are free form like bean bags so that they can be used as heating pads anywhere on the body, not just the neck. You can shape it any way you like to fit it most comfortable. The loose form feels great on an aching sacrum when positioned between it and a recliner, or take it to bed hot to warm your feet on a cold night. This pillow is packaged in a biodegradable cellophane bag with a twist tie (images 3-4).

~ GOTS certified Organic cotton fabric

~ Cotton is grown in Organic soil with no pesticides

~ Warp fibers stabilized using double plying or non-toxic cornstarch

~ Safe peroxide is used for whitening instead of Chlorine bleach

~ No carcinogenic Formaldehyde processing

~ Low impact fiber reactive dying process or natural pigmenting with no heavy metals such as lead

~ 100% organic flaxseed and scented herbs

~ Sturdy serged seams with 4 cotton threads per seam Pillows are shipped with heating and care instructions and safety precautions.