Irregular discounted Lemon Vanilla Aloe Shampoo Bar

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NOTE: These bars are discounted, because this batch has an irregular texture; specifically it has bits of crystalized benzoin that didn't dissolve due to cold and unfortunate timing. I have used these sale bars and they still work fine. Below is the description for our regular Lemon Vanilla Shampoo bars. 

Our Lemon Vanilla shampoo is made with fresh-cut Aloe gel and scented with Lemon essential oil and Benzoin plant resin which has a sweet Vanilla-like scent. These popular Aloe bars are volumizing for people who need a little extra bounce. No extra conditioner is needed with this bar for most people, but if you have easily tangled or dry hair, try it together with one of our hair serums. This formula is a hit with people with normal hair and scalp types and those with moderately hard water. It is a long-lasting bar that weighs at least 4.25 - 5 oz.

  • Ingredients: saponified Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil, saponified Organic Coconut oil, Aloe gel, saponified Olive oil Pomace, saponified Organic Shea butter, saponified Castor oil, lemon essential oil, benzoin botanical resin

More detailed info about our shampoo bars: Shampoo Bar information

Feedback for this bar:

"Love the way it smells - and it gets the job done! My hair definitely prefers this plus an apple cider vinegar rinse, over the shampoo I used for years." ~ Koenix Jul 13, 2018

"Small learning curve, but now I love it! The first few times I used this shampoo bar I overdid it and my hair was left with a strange texture. Operator error! a little goes a long way and now my hair feels great!" ~ Nicole Dec 26, 2017

"Another amazing shampoo!! The smell is wonderful! I have even more body in my hair and my hair is so soft! I'm very pleased!" ~ Lori May 23, 2017