Mint Tooth Powder

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My Mint tooth powder a non-abrasive all natural toothpaste alternative. It is especially good for those with sensitive gums. It is made with a food grade Bentonite Clay, with added Activated Charcoal and 5:1 Myrhh powder. The Clay and Charcoal help to detoxify and cleanse the mouth. The 5:1 Myrrh extract powder is non abrasive and helps to gently tone the gums. The flavor is from 5:1 Mint extract powder from a blend of mint species including Peppermint and Spearmint. The tooth powder is lightly sweetened with Organic Stevia*. Because of the charcoal ingredient, you do need to take a little extra care to rinse your mouth completely, or there may be a bit of residue. It does rinse very cleanly however and leaves teeth feeling smooth. This formula contains no abrasive baking soda. This tooth powder comes in a food safe tin with just over 2 oz of powder. Do not add water to the container. *Stevia is in the plant family Asteraceae/Compositae, which some people are allergic to. Do not use if you have this allergy, or discontinue use if you feel tingling, swelling or itching after using the tooth powder.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review