Round Sulfur Soap with no added fragrance

Aquarian Bath

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This is a specialty Sulfur Soap for stubborn skin types. They have a distinct Sulfur scent. There are no Scent or scent-masking ingredients. This bar is supersaturated with over 6% Sulfur; note the dark color. I see soap sellers claiming to have 10% or more Sulfur in their soaps, but they have white soaps. Elemental Sulfur is yellow. Bars with a high concentration of sulfur are gold. Sulfur, in general, can have a very drying action on the skin, so these soaps were formulated with lots of Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil to balance them such that they are gentle. These are approximately 3 oz bars. This bar ships in a biodegradable bag.
  • Fragrance-Free
  • Dye Free
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • Palm Oil Free/Orangutan Friendly
  • Sulfate-Free
  • SLS Free
  • Cold Processed
  • Handmade

Ingredients: saponified Organic Olive oil, saponified Organic coconut oil, saponified Organic Fair Trade Shea butter, saponified Olive oil pomace, sulfur, bentonite clay. 

***Caution***: some people have strong allergic reactions to sulfur. If you have an allergy to sulfur do not order this soap. Test this soap on hands-only before using it on the face or the whole body. Wait 24 hours before using on the rest of the body. Stop using this bar if any irritation occurs.
**NOTICE** Sulfur soap will tarnish silver jewelry, so avoid wearing silver jewelry while washing with this soap.
Customer Feedback:
"I simply love this soap because it's getting rid of my hypertrophic scar and my atrophic scar on my stomach. Praise his Holy and righteous name! I'm absolutely elated! I'm going to wait before ordering again because I've ordered so much that I might have more than I need. (If there is such a thing) Thanks again for your amazing product!" ~ Nicole, 2021
"I literally just love this soap and seller!! Everything is packaged nicely and arrives quickly. The soap has seriously made a 99% improvement on my back acne and my face! Im so so so impressed and so thankful to have this, I feel like I need to buy and hoard all of it because its just that wonderful and I never want to run out!" ~Katrina, 2021
"This is an excellent acne fighter and is a much cleaner and more pure Sulfur soap than you can find on Amazon. They also last forever. I use it nearly every day and I only go through maybe 2 or 3 bars per year. Also, I was sent a sample of ginger soap that smelled good enough to eat. The owner is super sweet. I will buy from her as long as she makes it!" ~Tracy, 2020