The Night Microwavable Neck Wrap by Aquarian Bath - Black Hemp Canvas

Aquarian Bath

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hemp canvas
22 X 4.75 inches
2.25 lbs scented, 2.5 lbs plain
USDA Organic flaxseed or for $3 off use the "regularflax" coupon code
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Soothe your neck muscles with The Night, Aquarian Bath's Hemp canvas Microwave Neck Pillow measuring 22 x 4.75 inches. These pillows are heavy, being filled 2/3 full, they weigh 2.5 lbs for plain flax or 2.25 pounds scented. Like the security of a weighted blanket, and they wrap around you like a warm hug from a caring friend.

Have you ever felt your shoulders raised with worry or tension? How did it feel when you received some good news that let you relax and let go with relief? Aquarian Bath’s pillows give you those “Ahhhhhhh” moments of relaxation. Best of all these pillows can help whether you need relief from physical or mental stress. Feeling aches or tension in other parts of your body like lower back or abdomen? Look no further, these pillows are free-form for easy use on other parts of your body.

So many buyers have us send these pillows to their friends. It is their way of sending a hug to those grieving or recovering from an injury, illness, or surgery. Vitally important for scented pillow fans, we have the best scents. We make scented pillows with USDA Organic aromatic herbs, not essential oils. Make no mistake, essential oils are powerful, but they degrade faster than whole herbs. Flaxseed emits sustained warmth without disgusting old-rice odor nor the inconsistency of corn, which gets too hot then cools quickly. Best of all, Aquarian Bath pillows also provide cold comfort when used out of the freezer. That means they are perfect for cutting short a hot flash, cooling down after a long run, or chilling an achy joint.

Here’s how easy it is, take Aquarian Bath’s pillow out of the microwave and drape the pillow around your neck. You will feel your shoulders drop with ease as they let go of tension. Notice your breathing shifts from your chest to your abdomen as your muscles let go. No worries about hazardous chemicals from the fabric; it is hemp, naturally grown without pesticides and fertilizers. Order one today and we will fill your pillow and get it in the mail to you ASAP.

These pillows make great Christmas gifts, Father's Day Gifts, Mother's Day gifts, gifts for grandparents, and gifts for friends. 

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By the way, every Aquarian Bath pillow purchase helps support wildlife habitat. Thank you!