Zero waste Soap Saver and 2 shampoo bar set by Aquarian Bath

Aquarian Bath

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This 2-shampoo bar set comes with one of our hemp-Organic cotton soap savers. Find out more about individual ingredients in the shampoo bars here. Shampoo bars weigh 4.25 - 5 oz. The Zero Waste Soap Savers are made from soft Organic cotton and hemp blended Terry fabric. The thread and hangtags are all different; the hangtags are made from hemp-organic or organic cotton fabric scraps. You can put your small soap scraps in these fold over bags to easily use the last of your bars. Use the hangtag to let your soap saver bag dry out in between uses. Our soaps savers work well on the body in the shower, or even for washing dishes, for cleaning up the bathroom or kitchen. Small soap scraps will not fall out of these bags. Soap savers are approximately 4.5 inch by 5 inch towels made with serged cotton edges. Note: these bags won't hold our biggest soaps, they are designed for small soap scraps or leftover bars.

Feedback from our Etsy Store

"Always buy from this store and love the product still after years" Tonlin, April 6, 2022

"I really love all 3 of the bars I selected. I have super oily hair, and the tea tree eucalyptus, rosemary cypress, and silver fir all do a great job getting my hair squeaky clean. All 3 also rinse SUPER clean-- I've had problems w previous shampoo bars leaving residue even after a double rinse, but no issue here! Great scents and luxurious lather, too." Natalia, March 28, 2022

"Always a pleasure buying from this shop and the shampoo bars are the best I’ve ever used (and I’ve tried many others) and my hair feels and looks healthier when I use these shampoo bars versus liquid shampoos. ❤️" Tamsin, May 14, 2022