Zero waste Soap Saver and 2 shampoo bar set by Aquarian Bath

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Zero Waste Duo: 2 Shampoo Bars + Eco-Friendly Soap Saver

    • Ditch the plastic and nourish your hair with this zero-waste combo! Our vibrant shampoo bars (4.25-5 oz) pack a powerful punch in natural ingredients for a healthy clean. Plus, they come with a charming hemp-organic cotton saver (4.5x5 inch) to prevent waste when the bars become too small to use easily


    • Shampoo Bars: Choose from our range of handcrafted bar shampoos for every hair type. We offer plain shampoo bars, or scented that are packed with natural essential oils for a healthy shine.
    • Eco-Friendly Savers: Each saver is unique, the hang-tags made from upcycled fabric scraps, and keeps your shampoo bars dry and ready for their next use. Small leftover bar pieces won't slip out!
    • Multi-Purpose: These versatile savers aren't just for the shower! Use them for washing dishes, cleaning the bathroom, or even as mini washcloths. Get creative and reduce waste in style!

Go zero waste and get gorgeous hair! Add this sustainable duo to your cart today and experience the difference.