Organic Cotton Microwavable Neck Pillow with Organic herbs & Pillow Cover, Cottagecore Bunny Rabbit pillow

Aquarian Bath

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GOTS Organic Cotton
pillow type:
with washable cover
20 x 4.75 inch
1.7 - 2+ lbs
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These cottage core themed neck pillows are adorable. On the inside, the pillow is a blue and gold dots on white, and the outer cover is a floral with bunny rabbits. Both fabrics are GOTS certified Organic cotton. Wrap this Microwavable Neck Pillow around your neck and shoulders to ease muscle tension. Our neck pillows are free-form like bean bags and can be used hot out of the microwave or cold out of the freezer. The free-form of the pillow makes it easy to shape for use as a heating pad or cold pack anywhere on your body. For example, it feels great on an aching sacrum or back when you sit with it behind you in a recliner. Use it cold after jogging on your knee or shins. Some people like to take it to bed hot to warm their feet on cold nights.

You can have your pillow made with plain flax or scented with the certified Organic herbs that we offer. Choose herb options from the menu. Our Lavender Microwave Pillows are the most popular.

This pillow measures approximately 20 inches long by 4.75 inches wide. It comes with a rabbit print washable Organic cotton cover (images 1-3) and the interior pillow is an Organic cotton dotted flannel (image 2). The scented pillows are 1.7 pounds or heavier. The plain flax pillows are nearly 2 pounds or more.

Most sellers who are offering "Organic Neck Pillows" only use Organic filling. Aquarian Bath uses not only Organic flaxseed and herbs but also Organic Cotton fabric. The Organic cotton we use meets the highest standard for Organic textiles, which is the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

About GOTS Organic cotton:

  • Cotton is grown in Organic soil with no pesticide sprays
  • Warp fibers stabilized using double plying or non-toxic cornstarch
  • Safe peroxide used for whitening
  • No formaldehyde used in processing
  • Low impact fiber reactive dying process or natural pigment with no heavy metals such as lead

We pack the pillows in clear biodegradable cellophane bags with a twist tie. Heat in the microwave for sustained moist heat. Store in the freezer for using cold. Instructions included. Find the instructions, care, and precautions for this pillow below.

Care, Instructions and Precautions for Flaxseed Pillows