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Pillow Care

Care, Instructions and Precautions for Flaxseed Pillows by Aquarian Bath
Pillow Care
Store your pillow in a cool dry place away from animals. If you are using your pillow as a cold pack and storing it in the freezer, be sure that it warms up to room temperature and is completely dry before switching to use it as a heat pack in the microwave. For single-layer pillows, spot clean with damp towel soap and water or oxygen cleaner. Allow drying completely before using again. For double layer pillows with washable cover, hand or machine wash with cold or warm water and lay flat or hang to dry. Washable covers are 100% Organic cotton and will shrink. 
Warming your pillow
Microwaves have different power levels ranging from 500 - 1650 Watts, or higher in commercial units. 1-2 minutes of heating is a guideline, but consider heating for a shorter period if you have a very powerful microwave (see cautions). Stay near the microwave when heating the pillow. Place it in the center of the microwave so that it does not touch the wall and it can rotate during warming. If your microwave does not rotate the pillow, then stop halfway through microwaving, shake the pillow, re-position, and continue heating. This is to avoid scorching from hot spots in the microwave. The microwave must be clean, because food and oil can also create hot spots.
Flaxseed and herbs are natural materials that can burn when overheated. If you overheat a flaxseed pillow, it could result in burned flax seeds, damage to the fabric, or fire. Use less microwave time when reheating already warm pillows. Stay near the microwave during heating. Keep your pillow clean from oil to avoid creating hot spots that could lead to burning in the microwave. Keep your pillow clean from metal debris. A tiny iron filing or metal shard stuck to the pillow or inside the pillow cover could create a fire in your microwave.