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Ambassador Program


Aquarian Bath is dedicated to helping people feel comfortable and confident in their skin. We know that Aquarian Bath products can help people with sensitive or challenging skin types because we hear results from customers every day. We also see reviews about our neck pillows making a big difference in others' well-being. It feels great to know we are making a difference. By showing your love for Aquarian Bath products or your results with Aquarian Bath products on social media you can make a big impact with us!

That's why we are looking for brand ambassadors who are active on social media with public social media pages. We are looking for allies who share our values which include:

  • Connection: Showing respect for others online, even if we do not agree with them. 

  • Growth: We believe self-care is a powerful way to become a better person. 

  • Information: We believe that it is empowering to learn from others’ experiences.

  • Environment: We believe that a healthy natural environment is essential for human health. 

With that said, you'll be glad to know that ambassadors will receive the following:

  • a personalized discount code for 20% off your 2024 orders
  • surprise freebies
  • early access to test new Aquarian Bath products at no charge
  • recognition as an ambassador with a link one or more of your social media pages
  • coupon code for your followers

Apply in less than 5 minutes with this google form.