Aquarian Bath help plastic-free enthusiasts cut out environmentally harmful plastic packaging from their bath and body care routines by providing shampoo bars, soaps, tooth powders, deodorants, balms, and more. 

Aquarian Bath products have been published in Beth Terry's book "My Plastic Free Life: How I kicked the habit and how you can too." They have also been published in online blogs like Tree Hugger and Mother Earth News.

Aquarian Bath offers quality products with no artificial chemical fragrances or dyes and no GMOs. All soaps are either unscented or lightly scented with pure essential oils or botanical waxes and resins. The most popular items are our unscented sea salt soaps for problem skin types, Patchouli hemp shampoo bars, Microwave neck wraps. All soaps are palm oil free, because of deforestation of Orangutan habitat by palm oil plantations (including 'sustainable palm oil' plantations. 

We are a woman-owned, family business operating in Daytona Beach, Florida. 


We set up at the occasional craft fair. 



In 2019 our facility received Wildlife Habitat Certification from the National Wildlife Federation and the Florida Wildlife Federation.

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