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Deep Cleanse, Smooth Polish with Sea Salt Soap Flower

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Bloom into Brilliance: Aquarian Bath's Sea Salt Soap Flower - Deep Cleanse, Smooth Polish (4.1oz)

Unleash a petal-powered cleansing experience with Aquarian Bath's Sea Salt Soap Flower! This handcrafted gem, shaped like a blooming flower, offers a delightfully textured and effective cleanse for your hands, face, and body.

Embrace Natural Perfection:

    • Deep Cleansing Power: Infused with sea salt, this soap gently buffs away dead skin cells, removing impurities for a smoother, more radiant complexion.
    • Skin-Polishing Luxury: The natural texture of the  sea salt provides a gentle exfoliation, revealing softer, more polished skin.
    • Naturally Calming: Indigo powder lends a beautiful blue hue.
    • Ideal for Oily Skin & Acne-prone skin: The unique blend of ingredients effectively cleanses oily skin and helps manage acne-prone areas, leaving your face feeling refreshed and balanced.
    • Versatile & Long-Lasting: Enjoy this soap as a hand, facial, or body wash, and appreciate its generous size and hard texture for extended use. Excellent as a kitchen soap at removing scents and stickiness.

More than just a pretty face, this soap nourishes your skin and is ecofriendly:

    • Crafted with Organic coconut oil, Fair trade Organic shea butter, and castor oil, ensuring healthy hydration and gentle cleansing.
    • Sustainably sourced ingredients and eco-friendly packaging options minimize environmental impact.
    • Every purchase supports wildlife habitat, allowing you to feel good while you look good.

Transform your daily cleansing routine with the natural beauty of Aquarian Bath's Sea Salt Soap Flower!

Order yours today.

Ingredients: saponified Organic coconut oil, Sea Salt, saponified Organic Fair Trade Shea butter, saponified castor oil, Isatis tinctoria