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The Earth Microwave Neck Pillow - Made with Organic cotton

Aquarian Bath

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2.25 lbs scented or 2.5 lbs plain flax
21-22 x 4.75 inch
Organic cotton duck canvas
single layer pillow
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Soothe your neck muscles with The Earth, Aquarian Bath's Organic cotton Microwave Neck Pillow measuring 21 x 4.75 inches. These pillows are heavy, being filled 2/3 full they weigh 2.5 lbs for plain flax or 2.25 pounds scented. Like the security of a weighted blanket, and these microwave heat packs wrap around you like a warm hug from a caring friend.  Aquarian Bath’s pillows give you those “Ahhhhhhh” moments of relaxation. Best of all these pillows can help whether you need relief from physical or mental stress. 

    • Double-duty magic: Heat it in the microwave for cozy warmth, or store it in the freezer for cool comfort on a hot day.
    • Nature's finest hug: GOTS-certified Organic cotton, free from harmful chemicals, wraps you in gentle comfort.
    • Scentsational stress relief: Option to choose from USDA Organic aromatic herbs like lavender, spearmint, and chamomile for an extra dose of tranquility. The Lavender Neck Pillows are the most popular.
    • Weighted wisdom: 2.5 lbs of flaxseed for plain flax or 2.3 lbs with added scent. Filled 2/3 full with goodness, it conforms to your curves, releasing tension like a magic hug.
    • More than just a neck thing: This free-form pillow works wonders on your lower back, abdomen, or anywhere else that needs a little TLC.

The Moon is the perfect gift for:

    • Yourself 
    • Stressed-out friends
    • Grieving loved ones
    • Get Well Soon; anyone recovering from an injury 

Give the gift of pure relaxation. Order your Neck Pillow today!

By the way, every Aquarian Bath pillow purchase helps support wildlife habitat.