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Black Magic Clarifying Soap: Deep-Cleanse & Detoxify for Radiant Skin (Face & Body), 4.25 - 5 oz

Aquarian Bath

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Unleash the purifying power of nature with charcoal and clay for visibly clearer, healthier skin.

Embrace clear, balanced complexion with Aquarian Bath's Black Magic Clarifying Soap. This powerful duo of activated charcoal and bentonite clay acts as a magnet for impurities, drawing out toxins, neutralizing odors, and leaving your face and body feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Knock out dullness and blemishes:

    • Charcoal Power: Activated charcoal’s porous surface absorbs dirt, oil, and impurities, giving acne-prone skin a deep clean without harsh chemicals.
    • Bentonite Boost: This mineral-rich clay absorbs excess oil and balances sebum production, leaving your skin shine-free.
    • Gentle on Sensitive Souls: Fragrance-free and free of synthetic additives, this soap is kind to even the most delicate skin.

More than just clean, it's sustainable:

    • Palm-Oil Free & GMO-Free: We care about your well-being and the planet, using ethical ingredients for a guilt-free glow.
    • No Nasties: Say goodbye to SLS, dyes, and plastic packaging. We champion minimalist packaging, and zero-waste solutions for a brighter future.

Unlock your skin's true potential:

    • Ditch the dullness: Experience a newfound radiance as impurities vanish and your natural beauty shines through.
    • Balance your oil game: No more greasy T-zones! This soap tackles excess oil while keeping your skin comfortably hydrated.
    • Calm your inner rebel: Soothe breakouts and inflammation with this clarifying powerhouse.

Ready to detoxify your skin and embrace a clearer you? Add Aquarian Bath's Black Magic Clarifying Soap to your cart today and unlock the magic of nature's purification!

Ingredients: saponified Organic Olive oil, saponified Organic Coconut oil, saponified Organic Fair Trade Shea Butter, saponified Castor oil, saponified Olive oil Pomace, Bentonite Clay, and Activated Charcoal

By the way, every Aquarian Bath soap purchase helps support wildlife habitat.