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Can You Felt Shampoo bars and Salt Soaps?

Can You Felt Shampoo bars and Salt Soaps?

Posted by Aquarian Bath on Apr 20, 2023

Soap felting is a process of creating a soap bar that is covered in wool to create a 2 in one soap-washcloth. The wool is first wrapped around the bar of soap, and then it is agitated with water and friction. This causes the wool fibers to interlock, creating a felted layer that protects the soap and makes it last longer. It works, because the wool felts to the the soap as it becomes wet. But will soap felting work with Aquarian Bath's Shampoo Bars and Sea Salt soaps? We wanted to know, so we took a soap felting class to find out. 

Felting and Evergreen Woodland Soap

Aquarian Bath cold process soaps can be used for soap felting, but we don't suggest this be done with our shampoo bars or salt soaps. One of the reasons that people like to do soap felting is that is conserves the bar, because more soap is trapped inside the felted soap. This means less lather can come out. This is a problem for shampooing as it is too hard to work up a lather into the hair when the shampoo bar is inside the felt. We ended up cutting the Rose Geranium shampoo bar that we tested out of the felt wrapper, so that we could still use it for our hair. The problem with felting salt soaps is different. Sea salt bars are rock hard and don't have a lot of stickiness like regular soaps. This is nice if you don't like the glycerine residue that you find in most handmade cold process soaps, however it makes them impossible to felt. This is because the felt sticks to itself rather than the bar. 

In conclusion, you can felt Aquarian Bath cold process soaps or shampoo bars, but don't felt shampoo bars if you want to use them for you hair. Sea salt soaps are simply impossible to felt, because the felt sticks to itself rather than the soap. If you aren't sure which of our soaps are which, all salt soaps have "Sea Salt Soap" in their title. The other bars are all cold-process soaps