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What is the "HOLD FOR PICKUP" shipping option and when should I use it?

What is the "HOLD FOR PICKUP" shipping option and when should I use it?

Posted by Aquarian Bath on Aug 05, 2021

"Hold for Pickup" is a way to send mail directly to the post office for pickup without having a post office box.  Sometimes people who live in apartment complexes or shared buildings have a difficult time with package theft. Other times is it tricky to know if you will be in town when a package will be delivered. Maybe you have experienced package theft from off your porch. These are all good reasons to choose Hold for Pickup. When you use a Hold for Pickup shipping address, the post office will hold your package for 2 weeks, and you can simply pick it up with a photo ID when the tracking confirms that the package has reached the post office.

If you would like your Aquarian Bath package shipped with Hold for Pickup, visit this link to find the proper shipping address by entering your zip code. Then, for your shipping address use the following format:

Your Name 

HOLD FOR PICKUP email address

shipping address

So using the example in the screen shot above, I would enter my shipping address as

Cory Trusty


500 Bill France Blvd

Daytona Beach, FL 32114-9998

I hope this information can help relieve some worry or prevent package losses. 


Cory Trusty, owner

Aquarian Bath