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Cool It Butt Balm 1.5 oz

Aquarian Bath

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1.5 oz
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Soothe Your Spicy Side with Aquarian Bath's Cool It Butt Balm!

Turn down the heat on your tush with this naturally cooling balm. Made with infused Organic olive oil and calming botanicals, Cool It Butt Balm is your gentle ally for fiery feasts, long rides, and everyday comfort.

Ingredients that comfort:

    • Lithospermum root: Traditionally used to soothe skin discomfort, this botanical brings a whisper of coolness.
    • Organic olive oil: Rich and nourishing, it pampers your precious posterior.
    • Cypress, frankincense, and lavender: These essential oils add a calming and aromatic touch.
    • Menthol: A hint of this natural coolant provides a refreshingly gentle sensation.

Cool It Butt Balm is your perfect partner for:

    • Spicy adventures: Keep your spicy appetite from setting your seat ablaze.
    • Saddle sore survivors: Conquer long rides with comfort in your back pocket.
    • Everyday pampering: Treat your tush to some TLC anytime.

More than just a soothing balm, Cool It Butt Balm is:

    • Made with love for you and the planet: Organic ingredients, cruelty-free, and handcrafted in small batches.
    • A friend to furry friends: Aquarian Bath supports wildlife habitat conservation efforts.

Embrace the soothing touch of nature. Order your Cool It Butt Balm today and keep your cool, wherever you roam!