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Felis II Microwave Heat Pack: Flat Heating mat made with Organic cotton canvas and flaxseed

Aquarian Bath

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2.5 lbs
10 x 14 inch
fabric type:
Organic cotton canvas
pillow type:
flat heating mat
USDA Organic flaxseed OR save $3 off for conventional flax with the coupon code "regularflax"
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Aquarian Bath's Felis II Microwave Heat Pack offers deep, soothing comfort for muscles, joints, and aches. Heat or chill for customized relief.

Say goodbye to aches and stress with Aquarian Bath's luxurious flaxseed heating mat. Drape it over your shoulders, knees, back, stomach, or anywhere you need targeted relief. The comforting weight (2.5 lbs) melts away tension like a warm hug, while the three internal sections ensure even heat distribution.

Here's why it's special:

    • Multi-Purpose Relief: Soothe aching muscles, joints, or menstrual cramps. Chill it for headaches or post-workout recovery.
    • Sustained Warmth or Cooling Chill: Microwave for moist heat therapy or store it in the freezer for instant coolness.
    • Superior Comfort: GOTS-certified organic cotton fabric is extra soft and gentle on your skin. Eco-friendly dyes protect both you and the planet.
    • Sustainable & Supportive: Biodegradable packaging minimizes waste, and every purchase helps wildlife habitat restoration.

More than just a heat pad, it's a self-care ritual:

    • Unwind after a long day: Cozy up with soothing warmth and let tension melt away.
    • Relieve aches and pains: Target specific areas for deep muscle relaxation and relief.
    • Boost your well-being: Embrace sustainable practices and feel good knowing you're supporting good causes.

Ready to experience the healing power of nature? Add Aquarian Bath's Organic Flaxseed Heating Mat to your cart today and unlock a world of comfort and well-being!

Instructions, care and precautions for this pillow are here as well: