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Jasmine Rose Soap by Aquarian Bath, 4.25 - 4.5 oz

Aquarian Bath

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4.25 - 4.5 oz
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Unfurl a Petal Paradise: Aquarian Bath's Jasmine Rose Cold Process Soap

Transport yourself to a sun-drenched garden with every lather of Aquarian Bath's Jasmine Rose soap. This luxurious cold-process bar isn't just a cleanser, it's a sensory symphony of blossoming florals.


    • Intricate swirls of rose clay wind around the bar, each one a unique work of art.
    • Delicate whispers of jasmine mingle with the rich, heady notes of Bulgarian rose, enveloping you in a soothing floral embrace.
    • Gentle, plant-powered lather cleanses and nourishes, leaving your skin soft, smooth, and delicately perfumed.

More than just a pretty face, this soap is pure indulgence:

    • Botanically scented with jasmine and rose waxes, not artificial fragrances - nature's purest aroma, pampering both body and soul.
    • Palm oil-free and vegan-friendly, crafted with earth-conscious ingredients and a conscience.
    • No harsh chemicals or dyes, just gentle on your skin and kind to the planet.

Embrace the luxury, embrace the natural:

    • Ships plastic-free, minimizing your environmental footprint.
    • Every purchase supports certified wildlife habitat.

Ingredients: saponified Extra Virgin Olive oil, saponified Organic Coconut oil, saponified Castor oil, saponified Olive Oil Pomace, saponified Organic Shea butter, Jasmine Sambac Wax, Bulgarian Rose Wax, Rose Clay