Lavender Orange Shampoo Bar

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This shampoo bar is perfect for normal hair types and is conditioning and smoothing formula. The scent is amazing.

This is one of our most popular shampoo bars, because it smells so good. Orange Lavender shampoo bar is perfect for natural hair types and normal scalp types. This is a conditioning and smoothing formula. If you hair is easily dangled or dry, then you may prefer to use this bar with one of our leave in Jojoba Hair Serums. This is a long lasting bar which weighs at least 4.25- 5 oz.

  • Ingredients: saponified Organic extra virgin olive, saponified Organic coconut oil, saponified Organic shea butter, saponified castor oil, saponfiied Olive oil pomace, saponified Organic golden jojoba, 5 fold Orange essential oil, Lavender essential oil, Red Moroccan clay, Patchouli essential oil, Cedarwood essential oil, Benzoin botanical resin.

Feedback about this shampoo bar

"Smells delicious and it works like a charm! No build up or residue!" Atadtwisted Jan 28, 2019

"Love the scent!! Excellent shampoo bar!" Gina Oct 18, 2018

"Love, love love the scent of this shampoo bar. Leaves my hair shiny and soft." Cheryl August 2018

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