Lavender Patchouli Hemp Oil shampoo bar

Aquarian Bath

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These shampoo bars are scented with Lavender and dark Indonesian Patchouli essential oils. Rhassoul clay adds color and added cleansing. They work well in soft or moderately hard water with natural hair. Bars are hard, long-lasting, and create a stable bubbly lather. Most people do not need a conditioner when using this formula, but if you have easily tangled or dry hair, then try this shampoo with our Lavender Jojoba Hair Serum. They weigh 4.25 - 5 oz.

Feedback about this bar:

"I bought 3 different bars of your soap and only use one at a time, and I'm using this one right now. I love it! Makes my hair really soft, even with the hard water we have here in a rural setting. " Teri, 2/4/19

"It was my first time using bar soap, I really loved this bar! It arrived fairly fast in the mail and best of all was NOT packaged in plastic!" Holly, 7/30/18

Ingredients: saponified Organic extra virgin olive oil, saonified Organic coconut oil, saponified Hemp oil, saponified Shea Butter, saponified Castor oil, Rhassoul Clay, Lavender essential oil, Patchouli essential oil

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