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Ursa Major - Cozy Organic Flannel Microwave Neck Pillow with Organic herbs & Pillow Cover

Aquarian Bath

$37.45 - $40.45
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Flaxseed filling:
Organic by default or save with "regularflax" for $3 off
20 x 4.75
Organic cotton with washable cover
2.15 pounds scented or 2.5 pounds with flax only
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Melt away tension and find deep relaxation with Aquarian Bath's Ursa Major Microwave Heat Pack. This cozy microwave heat pack, crafted from GOTS-certified Organic cotton flannel, envelops your neck in warmth and herbal comfort.

Soothing Relief for Any Ailment:

    • Tame neck & shoulder stress: Feel your worries melt away as the weighted pillow gently hugs your muscles, mimicking the security of a weighted blanket.
    • Physical & mental relaxation: Whether it's aching muscles, tension headaches, or daily anxieties, this versatile pillow offers relief for both body and mind.
    • Free-form flexibility: Ease discomfort in other areas like the lower back, abdomen, or even joints with the pillow's adaptable shape.
    • Weighted to perfection (2.5 lbs for plain flax, 2.2 lbs for scented, and filled 2/3 full), it mimics the security of a weighted blanket, promoting deeper relaxation.

Experience the Power of Nature:

    • USDA Organic herbs, not essential oils: Breathe in the calming scents of lavender, chamomile, and other aromatic herbs that last longer than essential oils OR choose plain flaxseed.
    • Sustainable warmth without the funk: Say goodbye to the unpleasant odors of old rice or inconsistent heat of corn! Flax delivers sustained, gentle warmth, perfect for both hot and cold therapy.
    • Instant comfort, hot or cold: Pop it in the microwave for warmth or store in the the freezer for cooling relief. Ideal out of the freezer for post-workout cooldown, joint pain, or even hot flashes.

Effortless Relaxation in Minutes:

    • Heat, drape, and unwind: Simply warm the pillow, wrap it around your neck, and feel your entire body begin to relax.
    • Chemical-free comfort: Breathe easy knowing both the pillow and cover are made with safe, GOTS-certified Organic cotton.

The Perfect Gift of Comfort:

    • Show you care: Send a warm hug in the form of this therapeutic pillow. It's the perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, anyone recovering from illness, or simply someone in need of stress relief.

Choose Your Fill:

    • USDA Organic flaxseed: Our premium option for the most natural experience.
    • Conventional flaxseed (Save $3 with code "regularflax"): Budget-friendly option with the same warmth and comfort.

Order your Aquarian Bath Ursa Major Microwave Pillow today and rediscover the bliss of deep relaxation!

Care, Instructions and Precautions for Flaxseed Pillows

Please note, every Aquarian Bath pillow purchase helps support wildlife habitat.
1 year warranty on seam stitching