Zi Cao Salve 1.5 oz

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Aquarian Bath's herbal salve was created based on a Chinese Traditional oil recipe which is simply Zi Cao Gen, Purple Herb Root, or Radix Lithospermi infused in sesame oil, which is considered cool in nature. We infused this herb in Organic Extra Virgin Olive, Organic Sesame oil and added beeswax. Non GMO soy-based vitamin E is also included. Do not use for oozing or fungal rashes. This is a 1.5 oz glass jar.

Feedback about this item:

I love this stuff and it has really been helping me with my heat rashes I get in less than desirable areas. I am so happy to have this and will totally be back for more when this runs out!! Fantastic!

Love this salve for my Dachshund's skin allergies. It's simply marvelous.

Thank you. AMAZING products!!! REALLY WORKS! Especially for my little girl! Perfect! Great product and super-fast shipping, thank you! Cory, my sister said it worked for her ummmmm rash... Embarassed She can sit now! Thank green ness!

As a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Florida, I haven't found anyone in the past ten years who makes preparations like Cory does. I purchased the Zi Cao (purple) salve to have on hand for my youngest 2 year old grandson and recently had the opportunity to use it on a 7 year old female patient presenting with inflamed bug bites all over her body. She was not a happy camper. Within minutes after applying Cory's salve the pain was 90% gone. Thanks Cory. Richard A. Freiberg, OMD, AP, DAP


(No reviews yet) Write a Review