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Aquarius Microwave Neck Pillow - Organic Cotton Corduroy Navy & Red Retro Print

Aquarian Bath

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20 x 4.75 inch
2 lbs scented or 2.4 lb plain flax
GOTS Organic cotton corduroy (narrow ribbed)
single-layer pillow
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Dive into Tranquility with Aquarian Bath's Organic Cotton Aquarius Microwave Neck Pillow

Melt away tension and stress with a warm hug from Aquarian Bath's Aquarius Microwave neck pillow. This isn't just a heating pack; it's a portal to deep relaxation, enveloping your neck and shoulders in comforting warmth, weighted serenity, and the sweet scent of nature.


    • Gentle, sustained heat penetrates your muscles, unraveling knots and soothing aches like sunshine melts morning dew.
    • Weighted to perfection (2.4 lbs plain flax, 2.2 lbs scented and 2/3 full), it mimics the security of a weighted blanket, promoting deeper relaxation and promoting calm.
    • USDA Organic aromatic herbs (lavender, spearmint, chamomile, or plain flaxseed) release transport you to a stress-free sanctuary. Lavender Neck Pillows are the most popular scented pillows.
    • Unlike other heating solutions, flaxseed retains consistent, gentle warmth without unpleasant odors, ensuring pure comfort.
    • Need cool relief instead? Pop it in the freezer for instant pain relief from headaches, hot flashes, or achy joints.

This versatile pillow isn't just for your neck:

    • Its free-form design allows you to target tension anywhere, from your lower back to your abdomen.
    • Made with GOTS-certified Organic cotton cordurouy, both the pillow and its cover are gentle on your skin and free of harmful chemicals, making it perfect for everyone.

More than just a product, it's a gift of well-being:

    • Treat yourself to a daily dose of tranquility, letting your worries melt away.
    • Surprise a loved one with the ultimate stress reliever, perfect for birthdays, holidays, or simply showing you care.
    • Give the gift of comfort to a grieving friend, someone recovering, or anyone in need of a warm hug.

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Care, Instructions and Precautions for Flaxseed Pillows

One year warranty on the seam stitching