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Lemonhead Shampoo bar with Lemon Vanilla and Aloe, Volumizing, 4.25 -5 oz

Aquarian Bath

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4.25 - 5 oz
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Bounce Back with Citrus Bliss: Aquarian Bath's Lemonhead Shampoo Bar - Volumizing, Naturally Clean 

    • Ditch the limp locks and embrace bouncy, vibrant hair with Aquarian Bath's Lemonhead Shampoo Bar! This handcrafted powerhouse, infused with fresh-cut aloe gel and shine-producing lemon essential oil, delivers volumizing power for all hair types, even in moderately hard water. Its rich, stable lather gently cleanses your scalp, leaving your hair soft, shiny, and citrusy fresh.
    • Boost Volume Naturally: Say goodbye to flat hair! This bar's unique formula, powered by aloe gel and botanicals, lifts strands for effortless bounce and body.
    • Cleanse & Refresh: Feel the invigorating lather gently remove impurities without stripping your hair's natural oils.
    • Long-Lasting & Eco-Friendly, plastic-free packaging minimizes waste.
    • Naturally Scented: Indulge in the uplifting gentle aroma of fresh lemon, infused with natural Lemon oil and Benzoin botanical resin.
    • Conditioner-Optional: Most hair types won't need conditioner, but add our hair serum for extra TLC with dry or tangled hair.

Add Aquarian Bath's Lemonhead Shampoo Bar to your cart today and let your hair thrive naturally.

Ingredients: saponified Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil, saponified Organic Coconut oil, Aloe gel, saponified Olive oil Pomace, saponified Organic Fair Trade Shea butter, saponified Castor oil, lemon essential oil, benzoin botanical resin

More detailed info about our shampoo bars: Shampoo Bar information.

By the way, every Aquarian Bath shampoo bar purchase helps support wildlife habitat.