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Aquarian Bath Patchouli Orange Zest Solid Perfume - Botanical, Vegan, 0.25 oz

Aquarian Bath

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Embrace Sunshine & Earthy, Spice: Aquarian Bath's Patchouli Orange Zest Solid Perfume (0.25 oz)
Let a ray of sunshine dance on your skin with Aquarian Bath's Patchouli Orange Zest Solid Perfume. This vibrant blend, crafted with pure essential oils, is your aromatic passport to a happy, carefree day.
Breathe Deep, Smile Wider:
Citrus Sparkle: Sweet orange bursts forth, juicy and bright, like a glass of sunshine held close.
Earthy Embrace: Patchouli adds a grounding warmth, weaving a captivating counterpoint to the citrus zest.
Serene Harmony: Lavender whispers calm, while frankincense and allspice lend a touch of exotic mystery.
Spicy Kiss: Black pepper adds a playful twinkle, making this scent truly unforgettable.
More than just a fragrance:
Botanical Bliss: Indulge in nature's pure essence with this plant-based formula, free from harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances.
Vegan & Eco-Conscious: Feel good knowing this perfume is kind to your skin and the planet. Our plastic-free packaging minimizes environmental impact.
Travel-Ready Charm: This solid balm stays put, even in hot weather and transit, making it your go-to aromatic adventure companion.
Embrace the vibrant spirit of sunshine and spice. Add Aquarian Bath's Patchouli Orange Zest Solid Perfume to your cart and let your day bloom