Lavender Hair and Bath Set

Aquarian Bath

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Aquarian Bath's Lavender Hair and Bath set includes one of our Lavender Shampoo bars, one Lavender Oatmeal soap, and our Lavender Jojoba Leave-in Hair Serum. All bars are vegan and work well in soft to moderately hard water.


We have a few different Lavender shampoo bars, so you can choose one from the drop-down menu from the following options. The full ingredient list for each bar can be found on it's individual page. More shampoo bar info here

~ Lavender Vanilla (image 1)
~ Lavender Orange (image 4)
~ Lavender Rose (image 5)


Aquarian Bath's leave-in hair serum was formulated for people needing a little extra frizz control and shine. Our shampoo bars tend to give your hair a lot of bounce. If you prefer a more smoothed look, use a bit of serum after patting your hair dry with a towel, then comb or brush your hair as usual. This serum can also be added to dry hair. This natural leave-in conditioner is made with Organic Golden Jojoba*, Fractionated Coconut* oil, and French Fine High Altitude Lavender essential oil. The serum comes in a 1 oz amber bottle with an orifice reducer, because very little is needed. These are the same type of bottles that essential oils are packaged in and are great for preventing spills or over application. To apply the serum, just shake out about 5-8 small drops onto your fingers, smooth through your hair. For longer thicker hair you may prefer to use a bit more.


Lavender Oatmeal Soaps are a classic, favorite soap. What makes ours special? Ours are hand stamped with "Lavender" and include Organic Oatmeal. Our bars are very eco-friendly: vegan, palm-oil-free, dye-free, chemical fragrance-free, non-GMO, no yucky plastic packaging. This is an all-natural and gentle soap made with ground Organic oatmeal and lightly scented with pure Lavender essential oil. This is a cold process method using Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil, Organic Coconut oil, Castor oil, Olive Oil Pomace, and Organic Fair Trade Shea butter. This bar has less coconut oil compared to my regular body soaps which makes it a more gentle bar for sensitive skin types. I would suggest this soap for someone with sensitive skin who was looking for a lightly scented soap. This bar can also be used as a facial soap. These soaps weigh at least 4.25 - 4.5 oz.

*This product contains nut oils (fractionated coconut and Jojoba). Some people have allergic reactions to nut oils. Please do a patch test for 24 hours on your skin if you do not know if you are allergic to the ingredients. Please discontinue using any product immediately that you think may be triggering an allergic reaction.