Aquarian Bath Neem Olive Oil Soap, 4.25 - 5 oz, made with Organic ingedients

Aquarian Bath

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This neem soap is made with Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil and Neem Oil from India. It is a very gentle soap and formulated to be gentle enough for those with problem skin types. Neem is a powerful Ayurvedic herbal tree from India. Neem oil from the seed with many traditional uses for skin care issues. For this reason we find it to be a great ingredient in gentle soaps for promoting healthy, smooth, happy skin. The bars have an earthy scent from the Neem oil, somewhat like peanut butter. Extra Virgin Olive oil is the another oil of choice for those with sensitive skin. Together Neem and Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil make a powerful combination for those with problem skin types. These soaps also include a smaller percentage of olive oil pomace. These soaps have a mild gentle lather. They weigh between 4.25 oz and 5 oz. They are vegan, palm free, and non-GMO. We do not test them on animals.

Ingredients: saponified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, saponified Neem Oil, saponified Olive Oil Pomace