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The Rain Microwave Flax Neck Pillow - Organic canvas, 21 x 4.75 inch

Aquarian Bath

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2.25 lbs scented or 2.5 lbs plain flax
21 x 4.75 inch
GOTS Organic cotton canvas
single layer pillow
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Dive into Tranquility with The Rain, Aquarian Bath's Microwave Heat Pack:

Unwind your worries and embrace deep relaxation with this stunning turquoise blue, Microwave neck pillow. The Rain, handcrafted from GOTS-certified Organic cotton, cradles your neck in 21 x 4.75 inches of pure comfort.

Imagine a weighted blanket's warm embrace, melting away tension like a summer shower. Filled 2/3 full, these luxurious pillows (2.5 lbs for flaxseed, 2.25 lbs scented) offer sustained warmth or cool comfort straight from the freezer. Perfect for:

    • Melting neck and shoulder knots: Breathe deeply and feel your worries dissipate as The Rain wraps you in its soothing hug.
    • Calming physical and mental stress: Whether it's a long day or daily anxieties, find your "Ahhhhhhh" moment with every use.
    • Soothing muscles all over: Free-form design allows you to comfort lower back, abdomen, or any achy spot.

Scent lovers rejoice! Our USDA Organic aromatic herbs deliver longer-lasting aroma unlike fast-fading essential oil. Plus, enjoy:

    • Sustained warmth from flaxseed: Ditch the burnt rice smell or inconsistent corn – natural flaxseed releases gentle, even heat.
    • Cooling comfort: Store it in the freezer to cool down hot flashes, post-workout chill, or cooling hot, achy joints.

Using The Rain is effortless: Heat, drape, and drift away in comfort. GOTS-certified Organic cotton ensures gentle touch against your skin, while eco-friendly practices make you feel good inside and out.

Give the gift of relaxation: The Rain is the perfect present for birthdays, holidays, "get well soon," or anyone seeking comfort and stress relief.

Every purchase supports our certified wildlife habitat. Thank you!

1 year warranty on the stitching of the seams